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Our Mission

To help children and adults who are blind with additional disabilities be independent and contributing citizens.

Adult student in front of Conklin Center sign

Our Purpose:

To help our students to discover and develop their true potential through training and support.

Each student is unique in their abilities and needs, yet they all share the same vision – to be productive, contributing members of the community. They want to work and have their own home or apartment. They want to be in charge of their life, to make decisions for themselves. They want to live with dignity.

At the Conklin Center we teach daily living and vocational skills that our adult students need to live on their own and offer lifelong supported employment and supported living services to ensure long-term success.

The Center’s Early Intervention “Blind Babies” Program helps blind and visually impaired infants and toddlers develop the skills they will need to successfully enter pre-school, kindergarten and elementary school ready to learn alongside our non-disabled children. The Center works directly with the families of these children in their homes so they can provide an enriching learning environment that encourages independence early on.

Our vision for the future is to reduce dependence on institutional or homebound care.

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