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A man typing.Adult Basic Education: Students are offered training in Braille, typing, money management, handwriting, time management, sign language, finger spelling and computers.

Activities of Daily Living: Students are taught functional skills such as cooking, shopping, safety, cleaning, home management, grooming/hygiene and budgeting.

Residential Training: While living in the dorm rooms, students learn how to make choices that develop social skills necessary for community living. Dorm staff provide round-the-clock supervision, teach leisure and community travel skills and plan recreational outings.

A man stands with a broom and bucket.Vocational Evaluation & Training: We evaluate students’ vocational awareness, skills and interests. Each receives one-on-one training and counseling to develop basic work skills and habits. Paid work opportunities and available through our on-site workshop.

Orientation & Mobility: We provide evaluation of travel skills; and instruction in using a sighted guide, basic protective and trailing techniques, the long cane and public transportation including taxis and buses.

A man counting money.Supported Living: Graduates receive guidance so they can live in their own homes and take control of their lives. Coaches help persons in their homes regularly with everyday needs such as money management, etc…

Supported Employment: Graduates receive job training to obtain competitive employment. Coaches help teach skills on-the-job, resolve job-related issues and make visits regularly at the workplace to assess workers’ and employers’ perceptions of job performance. Optional lifelong support ensures long-term success.

Here is a list of businesses that support the Conklin Center by employing our students and graduates:

Bert Fish Medical Center
Crane Cams
Daytona Ale House
Dustin's BBQ
Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center
Florida Mentor
Fox Mattress
Game Trader
Home Depot
LC Industries
Little Caesars
Make It - Take It
Metra Electronics
Ocean Walk Theaters
Olive Garden
Outback Steak House
Papa John’s
Pizza Hut
Red Lobster
Sloppy Joe’s
Teledyne ODI, Inc.
TJ Maxx

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