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a child plays in ball pitInfants, toddlers and preschool age children who have little or no vision face significant obstacles to achieving developmental milestones. The effect of blindness on early learning is profound: research shows that 80% of early learning is gained through the sense of sight.

Early identification of visual difficulties by an eye care specialist is vital to ensure that children get the services they need. Without specialized training, children who are blind can fall behind their sighted peers even before they get to school.

a child reads from a special bookSince children with visual impairments cannot see their food, they often lack motivation to eat. They must be encouraged to locate and experience their food through touch in order to learn to feed themselves.

The Early Intervention Program was established in 2000 to serve children who are blind and their families in Brevard, Flagler, Putnam and Volusia Counties.

a child pastes something on an art projectUsing simple, daily activities the Early Intervention Program teaches parents how to create an enriching learning environment in the child’s most natural environments – at home and in their community.

Our goal is that children who are blind will be prepared to enter public school ready to learn and grow along side non-disabled children.

a child listens to two different types of bellsOur hope is that they participate in all of the childhood experiences that help build confident and competent adults.

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