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Ways of Giving to Help Future Conklin Center Students Live With Dignity

Bequests/Planned Giving*

Believing in the work of a charitable organization is the primary reason for supporting it.  However, if by giving, you can also reap tax benefits, so much the better. 

One way of contributing to the Florida Lions Conklin Center is through a will or trust that everyone should have. Another is to make a deferred gift of real estate, life insurance, securities, cash, or other properties. This makes it possible for fixed payments to be made to you or your heirs. You can protect yourself and your loved ones financially, while at the same time helping those less fortunate.

*Please consult your attorney, trust officer, or accountant to help explain the various options open to you, and that can benefit both you and the Conklin Center.

Tribute Gifts

Memorial gifts to honor a deceased person may be made to the Conklin Center. Honoring gifts are also welcome to commemorate the birth of a child, the birthday of a friend or relative, or mark a graduation, anniversary or a special event. For all tribute gifts, an acknowledgment is sent to the person being honored or the family of the deceased, or who the donor designates. The amount of the gift is not disclosed.

Outright Gifts for General Operations of our Programs

We always welcome cash gifts of any amount for general operations and services. We appreciate cash gifts for use where needed most or to support one of our programs/services of interest to the donor. Naming opportunities, such as to sponsor one of our special events or to help cover a capital expense, are available.

Endowment Gifts

You may support the Conklin Centers= future through our Life Membership Program. All Life Membership funds help ensure continued vocational and independent living services for all our clients. Funds are retained in a perpetual trust and only the interest earned is used. 

You may become a Life Member with an initial membership of $100. You may then advance through seven additional levels (for additional donations) until reaching the Emerald Life Membership level for $1,800 in total donations.

All gifts to the Conklin Center are appreciated
and recognized appropriately.

We thank all our friends for your trust and support.

For more information about giving opportunities, please contact us at:
or (386) 258-3441 (telephone) or (386) 258-1155 (fax)

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