Race Week Auction Bidder Proxy

You may use this form to bid on an auction item.
However, you must purchase an event ticket to do so.
To BID on an item, please complete the following "BIDDER PROXY FORM"
and fax it to us at (386) 258-1155:

(Please use a separate form for each item.)



     CITY, STATE & ZIP:                                                                            


     ITEM NUMBER:                                                                                               

     ITEM DESCRIPTION:                                                                                               

     MAXIMUM AMOUNT OF BID:                                                                                 

     VISA/MC/AMEX/DISCOVER #:                                                          EXP. DATE:                    

We will assign a person to bid for you at the auction. At the end of the auction if the amount you authorized is the highest bid, that amount will be charged to your credit card and the item along with the receipt will be sent to you. The final price of the item may be less than the maximum limit you authorized and you will be charged accordingly. It is your responsibility to arrange and pay for shipping of the items you win.

After filling out this form, mail or fax it to us at:

You may Email the above information to at the Conklin Center.

For more information call Pamela Hobbs at (386) 258-3441.

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