Florida Lions

Annual Report 2001-2002

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With deepest appreciation, the Florida Lions Conklin Centers For The Blind acknowledges those whose generous contributions helped support the vital services we provide to blind and visually-impaired children and adults.

Joseph Jutras
Al Nevin

$35,000 & ABOVE
F.B. Heron Foundation

$20,000 - $34,999
The Chatlos Foundation

$10,000 - $19,999
Florida Lions Foundation for the Blind

$5,000 - $9,999
Division of Blind Services Gifts & Donations Funds
Publix Super Markets Charities
Joe Rembaum
Ruth Camp Campbell Foundation

$2,500 - $4,999
Christ Presbyterian Church
Dr. James H. Demming
Florida Manufactured Homes Association
Bill Tourney

$1,000 - $2,499
Florida East Coast Industries
Michael Forest
Sophia Forest
Isabel Kerns
Scott Larson
Henry Whitham
Vera M. Wolpert

$500 - $999
Gisela Beker
The Boulevard Del Inc.
Bill Callanan
Daytona Dirt Riders Association, Inc.
Becky Lynn Krenn
Ormond Beach West Rotary Foundation
X-1R Corporation

$250 - $499
Anna Brandt
James C. France
Geraldine Hanks
Robert Kelly

$100 TO $249
Jane N. Allen
Mr. & Mrs. Edward K. Armour
Isabel C. Brown
Mary J. Bryant
Cynthia G. Carman
Mrs. Carlton Chittenden
Juliana Cole
Rose May Cole
Raul S. Costa
Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Davis
Daytona Beach Elks Lodge
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Durrance
Mrs. Jim Forest
Emma T. Gibney
Mr. & Mrs. John D. Gilman
Jon Holmquist
Stephen H. Hoyt
Iron Horse Saloon
Izola Irvin
James & Catherine Kauffman
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry N. Koontz
Karl W. Lamb
Mr. & Mrs. Frank W. Larned
Marguerite C. Main
Harold I. Maxwell
Mrs. Walter C. Money
Leonard T. Murphy
Ned Myers
Anton S. Nevin
Ken Norman
Mary Oleson
C. W. Olson, Jr.
Christophe Payne
Elmer L. Pettit, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Plaza
David Y. Smith
Space Coast Credit Union
Sally Stevens
F. B. Talbott
Trinity Chapel of St. Augustine
Mr. & Mrs. Reese D. Veater
Orville E. Weislogel
Helen M. Wessel
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Wilkins

Lions Clubs Donations

District 35-F:   $17,033.50
District 35-L:   $32,889.72
District 35-O:   $41,459.20
District 35-R:   $15,009.00
District 35-I:   $27,709.00
District 35-D:   $29,345.00
District 35-A:   $ 7,721.55

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