Fast Facts

The Center was the first agency in the nation dedicated to providing vocational and daily living skills training to adults who are blind and have one or more additional disabilities.

  • 70% is the national unemployment rate for working age adults who are blind.

  • Program is designed for each student based on their unique abilities and needs.

  • Students live in a dorm-style room while completing their training program which can take six months to as long as two years, or more.

  • On average, 85% of graduates annually become employed, live in homes of their own choosing or continue their education.

  • Our Early Intervention program serves infants, toddlers and children who are blind or severely visually impaired and their parents in the most natural environment – their home.

  • 80% of early knowledge is learned through the sense of sight.

  • The Center provides educational materials to parents and loans equipment and toys to continue working on skills between sessions.

  • The immediate goal is to prepare visually impaired children to enter the public school system; the long term goal is to learn to be as independent as possible.