FAASB, the Florida Association for Agencies Serving the Blind’s mission is to serve as a united voice and be the organizational support empowering private agencies serving Floridians with blindness and visual impairment to provide state-of-the-art professional vision rehabilitation services which enhance the quality of individual and community life.


It is the vision of FAASB to establish itself as the premier provider network of comprehensive direct rehabilitation services for persons with blindness and visual impairments in the State of Florida.

Did you know there are close to 500,000 people in Florida with vision loss not correctable by glasses? You can help provide critical services to people of all ages in our community helping them develop confidence, succeed in school, get a job and remain independent in their homes. 

The Conklin Center and the Florida Association of Agencies Serving Blind urge residents to replace their old license plate with the “A State of Vision” specialty plate. $25 of each plate sold in this community benefits The Conklin Center.

Another way to help blind babies and seniors with vision loss is to check the donation box when renewing driver’s licenses and license plates.

Vision loss does not have to mean loss of independence.  Together we can make Florida ‘A State of Vision!

The “A State of Vision” license plate and Blind Babies/Senior Blind Services check-offs, coordinated by the Florida Association of Agencies Serving the Blind, supports The Conklin Center and several other agencies throughout the state committed to helping people adapt to and overcome vision loss. For more information go to www.faasb.org.